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In Winter and all other seasons for that matter, it is important to have a variety of pieces that are going to keep you toasty warm, shield you from the wind and cold and add interest to a minimal Winter outfit. Here are the eight pieces I go to again & again.

Sweaters (try for 1 basic & 1 a little bit fancy)

Sweaters are always a must-have as they are a versatile item that can be a light cover up or a snuggly layer or the top of your outfit. These are also versatile in that you can purchase really basic sweaters or sweaters that are a little fancier.

Khaki jacket These jackets were super in last Winter but I still wear this H&M one often. It’s got a thick layer of wool on the inside and is super toasty.

Puffer jacket

I’ve just bought a longline puffer from Witchery to take to Europe in September and it’s so gorgeous. A little pricey, but beautiful and gives your body such a great silhouette with the belt and panelling. Super warm as well.

Denim jacket

I used to hate denim jackets with a passion but they’ve grown on me. This one, believe it or not, is from Coles and is biker style… Who woulda thought?

Leather jacket

This is such an essential item for every wardrobe. My leather jacket is one of the most versatile items I own. Easy to dress up with a little black dress and heels or with jeans and a teeshirt to go shopping in. Love.

Faux fur vest

This piece never fails to make me feel a bit sassy. It keeps you a lot warmer then you would think.


A kimono also keeps you warmer then you would have first thought, espcially a heavier one like this one . Gorgeous cover up and a boho touch for any outfit.


I wear my Forever21 and H&M cardigans more than anything in my wardrobe. Even though it has short sleeves, it’s thick and warm and is quite unique as far as cardi’s go.

Mahleebali xx

P.s. Details are on my Polyvore.


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