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So lately, I’ve found myself missing warm weather. I know it gets a lot colder in other places around the world but Brisbane has been so cold in the last few days. Although I find Brisbane winters manageable as the majority of the time there is lots of sunshine to warm you up. This doesn’t change the fact that I miss the warm weather and I’ve found that a really good way to bring back the feeling is getting your pins out from under the denim and giving them a good shave/ wax/ laser/ other hair removal technique and a nice gradual tan. Aka put on them shorts. But there are a few rules to follow if you don’t want to freeze. The first is to throw on your chunky turtleneck knit. The second is to chuck a trench on top that will provide a little extra warmth. Third is to opt for ankle boots and these snakeskin ones bring some interest to a basic outfit colour-palette wise. And the fourth is to bring some colour in my favourite way: with some bright blue reflector shades. And of course, to finish it all off, you need some beautiful delicate jewellery and a black carry-all…… preferably Givenchy.


Mahleebali xx

P.s. Details of the pieces are on my Polyvore, as usual.


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