Before I begin… MY EXAMS ARE OVER! WOOP WOOP WOOP! *cue dance party* aaaaand… You guys gave me five hundred views… YASSSS.

Let’s get on with it, then…

Mastering the off-duty look… Yeah, I know, it’s not an easy thing to do. However, whether you’re going to brunch with friends, flying interstate or having a picnic in the park, you owe it to yourself to look gorgeous at all times – whether you can master the look as well as Rosie HW is not important because it’s not possible. Mastering the look is not easy. My first tip? Heels are not for off-duty. The most vital component of an off-duty look is a good, flattering sneaker or boot. Do you really want to run around all weekend in your Louboutin’s? I thought not. Regardless of the shoe you choose, they have to look good. For me, this is converse or my (more feminine style) Doc Martens. In a classier situation, my new Windsor Smith leopard print slip-on sneakers or my gorgeous, tan studded boots bought in Rome…

The next and as vitally important aspect as the first, are key pieces like a felt fedora and some snazzy sunnies (as I like to call them), some great jeans, a slouchy tee (esp. a stripy one) a leather jacket (the off-duty look is actually my most recently bought wardrobe tbh) which give it the edge the look requires. Another key element of this look is delicate pieces of jewellery; Rose gold screams off-duty. To top it off, the looks needs a good bag. Picking darker colours for bags in recommended so that it goes with every off-duty look. A black bag with a long shoulder strap (I love my dupe chanel one) or a black leather tote suit the look. The very last element is applying some simple makeup with light coverage and a bit of bronzer, some curled lashes and a nude lip paired with a good old top not, high ponytail, straight or curled.


A look you see on the likes of Rosie, Miranda Kerr and Jourdan Dunn is now is now in sight and completely achievable. Have fun and remind the paparazzi: “No photos.”




Mahleebali xx


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