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Unfortunately, after a high-speed week that was stressful and included too many articles of work to be submitted, I don’t even have time to slow down for the weekend. A busy day today, home alone from 7am till 1pm, the stress of planning for exam block and assignments due and the added struggle of Mum, Dad and Brother in a car accident this morning (don’t worry, they’re ok) today has been a biiiggg day. Tomorrow, a speedy two hours of maths tutoring, a resume to hand in and way too much more work to do, I could only fit in this sneaky little post.

So in regard to the lacking of and erratic post pattern and also in advance for posts in the next two weeks or so, I apologise. The posts for FLF between now and the thirteenth of June may be very, very lacking. You could almost predict, with the track of events laid out, and use the term non-existent. I’ll try and get a picture post in at least every week to fill in time. But I’ll have a million post ideas and will spend the weekend of the thirteenth of June writing them all up to post for you to make up for this. So sincerest of apologies to you, my avid blog readers.

Now, on with the post. So today, I’d like to talk about a little video I watched today, thanks to the link from the lovely Essena O’Neill. You can find the presentation video here. So, my time constraints are not very flexible but I will just recap parts of the video which stood on to me. Introducing, 101 reasons to go vegan.

This hour long presentation really opened my eyes to many things. In parts of it, I was in tears. It scared me to think I was quite oblivious to these things happening around me. Not in the way that I wasn’t aware these kinds of things happened to the animals meat and their products that I consume, it was that I was, to put it plainly, ignoring it. I learnt so many things about factory farming and the harm and stress it causes the wonderful creatures whose meat we consume and milk we use. What made me feel better about one of the factors mentioned was that I had already been dairy free for just over a month, but not for those reasons. Mum assumed it was making my skin bad and I always felt sick after having it so I just gave it up. Now, it’s almond milk in smoothies, coconut based yoghurt and ice-cream and no cheese. Seeing the process of the dairy industry and how the cows are farmed and how their milk is made and extracted, specifically in the USA, does not make you feel very good. So that gave me another reason to stay off dairy for a whole lot longer than planned, a.k.a my whole life!! Not only this, but how the calves are farmed and treated as well. You’ll see what I mean if you choose to watch the presentation, which I highly recommend.

The thing that has massively turned me off eggs was the example that the presenter used. Once a month, women have the unfortunate displeasure of shedding one unfertilised egg from our system. Pretty much, a chickens egg is a chicken period. I know, it’s not very appealing but really very true. Not only this, but the way the chickens and their chicks are treated is enough to put me of eggs for a while too…

And the last factor that stood out to me is how good being vegan is for the environment. I found some statistics on this page here, which were amazing and mind blowing. I recommend reading the whole page as it abolished some long-standing myths about veganism. These were the facts I found.

So this site really took care of some myths about veganism I had planted in my mind. Now, this post is not posted because I have chosen to become vegan, because realistically, I’m fifteen and don’t have the money to be buying these things for myself. However, I spoke to my Mum about the video this afternoon for ages and we discussed that we will try to eat better meat (free range, organic), less eggs (unless from my Grandma and Aunty who have their own chickens who roam free on their land all day long!) and for them to try to eat less dairy too.

Another thing this page had were little questions probably asked about becoming vegan such as how to get the required amount of calcium and protein. Getting calcium and protein is seriously important, especially for teenagers around the ages of 15 and 16 and at this time, you should be having more than twice the amount of dairy you ate as a child.


So I really, seriously encourage you all to watch this presentation which I found absolutely amazing and reconsider the animal products in your diet. It’s far from boring as the presenter is casual and has a good sense of humour about the subject. It has changed my views on veganism practically within an hour and I am currently making plans to reduce animal foods in my diet and hopefully, when I move away from home and am earning my own money, become a vegan myself.


Kisses and please excuse the lack of posts in advance!


Mahleebali xx


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