So here in Aus to celebrate easter, we had one long weekend… And then for another long weekend this weekend! Wooo! 

Aside from my extreme excitement at all these holidays, recently I’ve been trying to “make the change” to natural beauty products. Thought I’d give a few reviews on what’s on my TOP SHELF lately. 


KORA organics by one of my favourite models, Miranda Kerr has been on my lust list for quite a few months/ seasons/ years/ decades/ millennia. I started using it about three weeks ago and I can honestly say, I was not impressed to start off with. But it ran it’s course and got worse before it got better. My only guess as to why this happened is because my skin was not used to having such a natural and AMAZING product on it and it had to get used to it and, in a way, “detox” my skin. 


But now, my skin is simply AMAZING and I’m loving using KORA. I would it to recommend absolutely anyone, it’s cruelty free, organic and great! They use a unique three step system (cleanse, mist, moisturise) and take all skin types into consideration. They also have many additional products such as blemish gels, masks and a range for the body. 



Frank body scrub, ahhh, bless you. I have never been more in love with a product in my life. This absolutely SPECTACULAR scrub is my best friend as it’s getting cooler. Especially after I got back from school camp about three weeks ago. I was covered in dirt, my hair was a knotty mop and my skin was ridiculously dry after canoeing 40km. Every time I use it, my bathroom smells like an indie cafe for about twenty four hours afterwards which is very, very pleasant indeed. 



Coconut oil is one of my new favourites as you will discover in my next post…In smoothies, as cleanser or moisturiser or as a conditioner or in cooking!! SO MANY OPTIONS. 




Milk is also one of my new favourite brands after reading about Lindy Klim on one of my new fav blogs, beauticate (milk is Klim spelt backwards- factoid of the day). She is amazingly fit and healthy and the Milk products are not pricey and good quality. These face wipes are beyond amazing with a soft side and an exfoliating side. They are great on the skin after a workout to rid yourself of that gross stuff called sweat! 



When it starts getting colder, I often find that my cheeks, forehead and legs in particular struggle to stay soft on the same summer moisturising regimen. Natio rosehip oil and bio oil are hardly oily, per se, and dry skin just drinks them up.



I’ve been using this in the morning after my run/ yoga/ workout. I just fill up the sink, dispense 3-4 drops in and use a wash cloth to hold on my face. It’s very refreshing and I feel like it cleans the sweat from my skin quickly. It also opens my pores and prepares my skin for a good old cleanse. Not the cheapest of products but worth the little bit of luxury as well. 


This little tiny gem of a 100% pure shea butter is so great on my lips and patches of really dry skin practically anywhere really. L’Occitane sell a big tin and a small tin like mine but they’re not cheap but also really worth it, I would say. 



Hope y’all are happy and well.

Mahleebali xx


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