Sunflowers on Sundays

Ahhh, how I do love sundays. Last week, my gorgeous friends (Jess, Tayla, Ainsleigh, Camilla Hannah and I) went to the markets. 


It wasn’t sunny last Sunday, especially at nine in the morning, but all the same, I had a wonderful time and bought some interesting things (namely some delicious dukah, gingerbread men, sunflowers, in fact the last bunch and two jars of beloved iced tea from their gorgeous stall!) . The market stalls were all very beautiful and cheers to missjessamy for her awesomeness and letting me steal the photos she kindly let me take on her phone (#quality photography on my phone does not exist thanks to lens scratches galore). Check out her post on her blog which is second from the top. 




Mahleebali xx

P.s. On holidays now so look out for more frequent posts. Love y’all. 






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