The Little Black Jacket


Milan, April 2013

When I visited Milan last year, I was only there for two nights. And until about now, I didn’t realise, out of all the other places I visited on this trip, it was ultimately my favourite. It is the most beautiful city I have ever been to in the world. All the stunning café’s (my ultimate favourite was one with chandeliers), designer shops around every corner, trams with chanel ads (as seen above), and shopping around everywhere in my gorgeous red Marc’s coat, not to mention the amazing street style, the most amazing destination for people watching in the world. And this amazing metal reconnection with my ultimate favourite place in the world brought with it the most spectacular circumstances: next year, I’M GOING BACK. Oh my goodness, I got the shivers just typing it. 


So basically the story is, I’m going with my school. It’s a music tour and we even get to sing in Notre Dame and heaps of other extremely exciting things while over there and in Paris, Venice and Genova in Switzerland. It’s actually 558 days away… so that’s awkward. I just have these moments where I get really excited about the trip and I just thought this time I would share it with you. 


So my promise to you, is that on this trip, I’ll take as many photos as physically possible and will do photo posts as often as absolutely possible. I promise. I swear on the life of this blog. I hope all of my readers have something exciting to look forward to as well. 


Love to you all


Mahleebali xx


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