Quote of the week: 

“Black is the queen of colours.” This is very agreeable. 


1. This has been the first year I’ve thoroughly enjoyed Fashion Week or been really vaguely interested in it. Was so great and I loved looking through all the street style and style straight from the catwalk as well. Heaps of my favourite Aussie girls were over there getting snapped too. My dream to go to Fashion Week in New York one day.

2. Leather caps. I just love them so much. Must invest in more hats, I wear none. 

3. Print tees are so awesome. Got one, need more. Mine is “More issues than Vogue.” Thanks for that missjessamy. 

4. You can always find me on blogs. Can’t help it, I think it’s becoming an addiction. Cheeky me. List of my favourites at the moment at bottom of post. 

5. Flat lays. Still terrible at taking them. Love looking at them. My favourites are miss www.watermeloncrush.com ’s. They’re great. So much inspiration. 

6. My Autumn Winter inspiration folder. So many pictures 107 to be exact. And counting! 

7. They all hate us x palm beach collection candle. OMG so yummy. Haven’t burnt it yet, too scary but I just open it and smell it often. So much love for that thing. Still going strong Tash and Elle. Still my favourite bloggers and the most gorgeous girls in the world!

8. A Chanel shopping bag collected in Paris (with some jewellery no longer in them) and a poster of a chanel perfume bottle bought on a stall on the River Seine, both hanging on my hall in minimalist black and white frames. Makes me feel fancy. Mahlee, you globe trotter! I love Pairs. Sorry.

9. White things. Love love love my glassons maxi. 

10. This. Seriously, just click on it, the funniest thing I have ever seen although I don’t know what would compel someone to do this. 


Bloooooogs for you:













Hope all my beautiful readers are happy and healthy. Thanks for 200+ views. Almost three months running. I really appreciate constructive criticism and nice comments so please, comment for me! Any of you can also contact me for any reason @ fatlittlefiat@outlook.com



Mahleebali xx


P.s. HB Mr. Bieber. You’re twenty now. Don’t party too hard tonight! Love you. 


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