Just a filler…

Hi all

 Just thought I would let you know that I have been looking on the most glorious website which gives me massive goosebumps. Although, for the moment, I can’t afford to make my blog look really good, for when I do, I have discovered how I will do it:


http://thirteendigital.com.au is an amazing website which has created numerous pages including ones for blogs, online stores and other fab web pages. More specific for me,   http://herheartcriesfowl.com, is a glorious looking blog designed by thirteen digital, still on WordPress but looking amazingly modern and fresh. But of course, prettiness is expensive these days. I’m sure I’ll discover it’s in no way cheap once I make some inquiries into it. But hopefully, once I actually have money and as I get older, I can make it look really cool for you! I think it makes that much of a difference to your blog, spending a little bit of cash to top up those views. Honestly, I see a blog that looks cool, and I read it. It’s a really good thing to invest in, I think.


Hope this gets you thoroughly excited and maybe gives you that little push you needed to spend some cash on making your blog/ website/ tumblr look pretty damn cool.


Mahleebali xx




P.s. Congrats to my lovely friend Jess, for reaching 700 views on her blog today! Go check her fab blog, missjessamy and youtube out! 


P.p.s Have about three posts almost ready to go up. Will all be up before mid next week so they’re a bit spread out for you! Love to Y’all x


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