Sorry for the short post but just though I should mention…

 You know when see a photo of THAT bed. The white, fluffy quilt and sheets perfectly tangled together, looking so comfy that it easily reminds you of a cloud? The pillows superbly disorganized atop the messiness that is a cloud. The light streaming in the window at a flawless angle. Sometimes even a girl, without a single flaw, either stunningly tanned or with that exquisite paleness about her. Sometimes, even a boy, beyond compare in looks, lying next to her. And then there’s-


Ok, I’ll stop, but seriously, do you catch my drift? Soon, in the near future, I think house building might be on the scene for my family. And this excites me. A lot. 


A little bit of messy, a little slice of neat, and a modern looking bathroom should keep me on beat.




Oh lord, I am hilarious. 


‘Till next time


Mahleebali xx

Shout outs to my new tumblr bestie, Khloe


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