Hi there

Those days when the to do list is behind you and you can sit down, in the burning sun and flip through a magazine… preferably Elle. Oh goodness, how I love Elle. Not surprisingly, Elle has only been available in Australia for just over five months (like, seriously Australia, catch up). It is by far, my most favourite magazine. And it’s obviously popular elsewhere. I discovered this by clicking on the #ElleAus hashtag on instagram… Just let me tell you, there are a LOT. 


Moving on.


Anyway, I was leisurely flicking through when I discovered page 26 of 218. And I squealed with excitement. Don’t get me wrong, I love dressing up and looking fancy, but I also love a more relaxed look. Let me enlighten you. Pale pastel tones, pale blue (my favourite), grey’s, luxe fabrics, linen, white shift dresses, lace detail, slouchy fits and comfiness. Does this not make you swoon?


If Elle says so, it is so. If Mulberry (and Cara Delevinge), Balmain (and Karlie Kloss), and Alex Wang can wear it, then so can I. 





Mahleebali xx


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