Excuses, excuses

You know when it’s the weekend and you are beyond excited to be doing absolutely nothing? I get the same feeling when I look at a list. Or a calendar. Or a diary. Don’t get me wrong, stress is a big part of my life. But actually completing tasks, or at least the thought of it, gives me a little high. I’m not sure if that is a positive thing either.


So, on the note of list making, I will move to a completely and utterly belated list of things I want to achieve in 2014. Also known as a little (ha, little) list of resolutions. 



 Positivity is much much much much much much much *inhales breath* much much much much much *inhales another breath* more important, now then ever in my life. I’m finding, without picking an affirmation at the beginning of my day from either treasure yourself or empower yourself (Miranda Kerr) or my own little selection which I keep in a little American Apparel bag and pick out when required. If I don’t remember to write it at the top of my to do list and try to live it out during the day, try my very hardest to speak nicely to people on a bad day (sorry to those people), and not lie around on my sorry little butt all day long, that’s exactly what happens. I forget what needs to be done, even what I want to do. I “body roll away from my responsibilities” as Troye would put it. So this year is all about radiating positivity and kindness, giving compliments and being helpful (sorry for my horrific start to this resolution, but it will get better). 


Adding to this, I would like to quote my dearest Milla, from www.biasedloveofgorgeousness.wordpress.com I found that the way she put this made me feel so strongly about the topic. Thanks my dear. I couldn’t have put it better myself. 


 So there you have it, my second resolution is to be kind and caring and to listen, to not interrupt, to cry or laugh with someone and be there for everybody. If you need me, just shoot me a text… or an email (: 




My third resolution is to enforce the stunningly fit and ridiculously inspiring, Lorna Jane’s MNB philosophy in my life. 








For so many years, I have read the blog, the books, looked at the instagrams, eaten the food, bought at the stores. Oh how I love LJ. But I’ve never done anything it tells me. Now is when that changes. Thanks for inspiring me to be better Lorna x



The fourth thing I want to do is to make sure I stay away from my technological devices for one day in the week. A whole day where I only check my phone if absolutely essential. No instagram, no tumblr, no texting. Not even blog posting. A day to just be, like said a few days ago. This is going to be my first and most important resolution, but hopefully, the quickest to stick to, especially with my positive change calendar. If you have a chance, head into a body shop store and speak to them about getting a calendar. So helpful, especially for big resolution makers! I swear, you will not regret it. 





My fifth resolution is simple. Do things. Go surfing for the second time in one day, swim where there is quite possibly sharks (biggest phobia ever), visit places I haven’t been, be adventurous. http://www.youtube.com/user/FunForLouis always helps me out. Check him out, coolest dude on the tube. 


And my sixth, and final resolution is to be committed to my blog and you guys- the viewers! Do things to get it noticed, notice YOU. Post more often, write better, help to advertise other blogs and sites on my blog. If you want me to link your blog here, just comment the link (: 


So, my friends, this may interest you, and it may not. Either way, I hope you are healthy, happy and well. January favourites up soon. 


Catch ya


Mahleebali xx



One comment

  1. biasedloveofgorgeousness · January 21, 2014

    i am as inspirational as heck. i refuse to swear on social media, i have a reputation.

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