Very warm greetings from Australia this week

Today, I just wanted to briefly mention a couple of very inspirational young women this morning and let you in on how awesome life in the blogoshpere is! 


These two women to mention are two of the most gorgeous, hard working and all together amazing women I know. And I haven’t even met them. They are Elle Ferguson and Tash Sefton, from Sydney who run my ultimate favourite blog, they all hate us ( And the other day, I sent them an email saying how amazing I think they both are and how their blog is so inspiration in so many different ways. And they replied! They said a big thank you for making them smile and asked for my address to send me a thank you letter. But no, I didn’t get a thank you letter… I got an amazing palm beach x they all hate us candle which smells divine! It was such a surprise and made my whole week. So do them and I (and yourselves) a favour and go and check out their little daily blog of pictures. I’ll also list their instagrams below.









Hopefully a back-to-school post up soon, although I would rather not go back at all…


Talk soon


Mahleebali xx


 Favourite Blogs:





























Tumblr blogs: – My friend, Indi’s blog (: – a new favourite – a friend of mine, Mila’s blog – my tumblr 🙂



My friends blogs (also my favourites): – Jess – Milla


AND SOME NEW FAVOURITES… – so bright, colourful and full of inspiration. ‘Tis my new favourite for sure 🙂 


@steph_kramer – inspiration library 






  1. biasedloveofgorgeousness · January 18, 2014

    gorgeous mahls!

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