Just be

Today I made a decision: Tomorrow will be a day for just being. 


Recently, I have been getting myself caught in a few bad habits. These include:


  • using my phone and computer too much
  • getting literally stressed if I can’t check my phone (eg. it gets taken away from me for that very reason).
  • eating to much food… but that’s not the point. 


A bad habit is more easily tamed with the help of creating another. 


My new habit is to be created this week. To just talk, be, live, swim, laugh (not at a funny joke on instagram), catch some sun, sleep in (aka, heaven). You catch my drift?


It’s amazing how much a youtube video can broaden your horizons to these sorts of things. Thanks Steph (www.watermeloncrush.com) for introducing me to this video. 




Go watch it, and STEP AWAY FROM THE PHONE. At least for half a day, my friends. 


Be happy 🙂


Mahleebali xx


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