If I could choose one time in the year that I love most, it’s definitely summer : Christmas time. My birthday happens to be a few days before Christmas which means all throughout the year, I have to wait to get presents and it’s all over within three days, which is a shame, but I’m used to it now. Today, I thought I’d show you a mixture of my birthday and Christmas presents that were my favourites.

Daisy By Marc Jacobs

This perfume is absolutely amazing, especially for summer. I find that with lots of perfumes, most often in summer melt off your skin and the smell is no longer there. However, this smell even tends to stay on after I swim which is pretty great. My friends all put money together to buy me this one which was very nice of them.


Sportsgirl two-toned tote bag


This bag is so so so so so so (x1000) luxuriously large. I love it so much, that in the two weeks of owning it (thanks Miss Jess Amy) I have used it everyday. I can fit everything in there I want in it and its very, very lovely.

Lorna Jane Diary

This diary is really cool. Heaps of fitness inspiration, everything I read from Lorna makes me want to exercise!  Although sometimes I struggle with it and am still in the process of finding some form of it that I really enjoy, maybe I never will.  Anyway, hopefully 2014 will bring me a whole heap more inspiration, at least enough to bring me a 2014 summer body!


Empower Yourself by Miranda Kerr


Another very inspirational book, each page begins with the sentence, “when you empower yourself, you…” and continues on to a few words (eg. celebrate your natural beauty, speak kindly, allow others to talk without interruption, etc).  An explanation and an empowering affirmation to go along with it. It’s one of those books that you can go back to as many times as you want for certain things, even to use everyday for your daily affirmations, if that takes your fancy.

My two favourite movies in the whole world

Titanic. 1D this is us. OMG. It was so exciting to get these two gems in my hot little hands, and I have already watched both of them twice.


Movie tickets x 2

Thanks Grandma! Always get these gems which are amazing, especially around this time of year when lots of good movies are coming out. Plan to use mine to see Believe and the next installment of the Hobbit. Woot!


L’Occitane Savons de Provence soap collection

I am absolutely in love with this cute box of soaps. I am one of those people who like

strong-smelling soaps, so this box is great for me. Two Verbena soaps, a lavender and a milk. So lovely.

Image Image

Typo laptop case

This case is so cool. Cream with rose gold studs. I mean, oh my gosh.


Sportsgirl pink cami and crop top

I adore this pink cami paired with white denim shorts and chunky gold jewels = LOVE ON CHRISTMAS DAY. This crop top under my overalls is the cutest pairing.


My last favourite birthday/ Christmas present was definitely my favourite: I got my hair ombréd! I see this everywhere and have wanted it for a while and it was really exciting for me but it was scary at the same time because I had never had my hair coloured before. But in the end, I think it’s been a good thing because it has forced me to take better care of my hair! I’ll try and get a good photo of it to post so you can all see!

So that’s it for now friends, new posts up more often now that Christmas and the new year are over. Just a bit busy with some bridesmaiding this weekend!

Time to get excited for 2014, make it a good one.

Mahleebali xx


ps. I meant to say a big THANK YOU – for getting me to over 80 views, 5 comments, likes and subscribers in just under three weeks. Makes me feel so happy. So thanks again all those people out there reading FLF! Don’t forget to check out my recently created tumblr ( for picture posts in between the ones here, on the blog. See what I’m loving there.



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