Ok so, as mentioned in the last post, this past weekend, I visited a recently opened Topshop, which is really, really amazing and I spent… my moneys worth, I suppose. Anyway, today I wanted to show you what I bought and how I might style it for summer. I apologise that there aren’t any photos of the things I bought, they didn’t want to work, however, if I can figure it out, I’ll post the pictures for you. 


First of all, I bought a really cute, fluro cropped cami which was reasonably priced for its size and quality. It’s really light and has a nice fit. Looks great on. 


Secondly, I picked up some really cute midi rings which were $12. They are really cute, and if you can’t see, there is one plain one, one with a heart and one with a letter C… Funny story that one. I visited Topshop with three of my great friends and when I picked up these rings, I didn’t look closely enough and didn’t pick up that they were lettered. So.. Miss Jess Amy and I came to the conclusion that it stands for Cody Simpson. Cause he’s cool. Yeah. 


OMG! I got the most adorable Christmas pjs! The pants are red with little black reindeer and the shirt has a big reindeer with christmas decorations on the antlers! I mean seriously, they are legitimately the comfiest things I have ever worn, so soft and light, such a good fit and so CUTE! Totally in love. And who says it has to be Christmas to wear them?


Last of all, I tried a cute, bright pink playsuit on in the change rooms and instantly thought, “Yep, getting it.” And that’s such a good feeling, when you find something that looks nice on you. I have worn it three times already in the past week and it’s bright colour makes me feel chirpy and confident!


So, all in all, I had a fabulous time at Topshop with my friends and we plan to make it a monthly thing, especially because Starbucks is just across the road… 



From the very beginning of my youtube love, I have been utterly in love with the cute humor and good looks of Troye Sivan. And a week ago, on Saturday, I spent six and a half hours in a line to meet him! It was certainly worth it, we met so many amazing people in our line, exchanged twitter and instagram names and fan-girled together, conversing over all our favourite youtubers. When I finally got to Troye and we hugged and he was so sweet. He even thought my accent was British which was strange because Miss Jess Amy, who always gets annoyed when I put it on by accident! The photos we got were the cutest and I had the best time in that one minute, it was all worth it! There were other youtubers also at the meet up such as Louis Cole (fun for Louis) who I really would’ve loved to meet, as I love his videos which inspire me to be adventurous! We were in the line to meet him and about five meters from him when we had to leave, which was really disappointing! However, my friend got a video of him waving at us from afar which was enough for me. We were also waved at by the lovely Hannah and Mamrie Hart who were both extremely gorgeous and the faces they made in photos were priceless. 


So I had one of the best weekends of my life, and a great way to get a running start into school holidays! Next stop, volunteer wrapping and my birthday party… here I come! 


Chat soon… 


Mahleebali xx


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