November Favourites

Hello again! This is only my first week in the blogosphere, yet I thought I would let you in on a few of my favourites for the month of November. I’m so excited right now though, as over the weekend, I did some very exciting things, such as visit the recently opened Topshop and met some youtubers… Anyway, on to my favourites.

Book– Holy moly, how can I even begin to describe my love for this book. The Fault in our Stars by John Green is one of the most imaginative and most saddest books I’ve ever read, yet makes me feel so happy all at the same time. It was leant to me through my one of my favourite blog friends, Mill from B.L.O.G or after my fab friend, and other blog buddy, Miss Jess Amy had read it. You can read her blog at

Anyway, no spoilers from me, except that it’s about a 17 year old girl with cancer, who meets a boy who also has cancer, they fall in love and board “a roller coaster that only goes up my friend.” (one of my favourite quotes from the book which completely misleads the direction the book takes). Its full of wonderful words which make you laugh, cry and mentally “awwwww”.

Anyway, moving on…

Voices– Can we just talk about Midnight Memories (One Direction) for a sec? Holy gosh, best album ever. So proud of my boys for coming so far in their music careers. They are all  beautiful boys who are bright and absolutely hilarious. Agreeable, hah, Miss Jess Amy?

Secondly, a week ago on Wednesday, I went to see Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber in concert. What even? Have you ever heard such angelic voices? I didn’t think so. They were both insanely good, even though my hearing has been severely impaired, I had the best night of my life to date with one of my best friends, Nina-Paris, who I know also had a fab time. Wait, wait, I’m not done yet. CODY’S ARMS. JUSTIN’S ABS. I have no other words on this subject.

Blogs– If there’s one thing you should know about me, it’s that I LOVE. BLOGS. My all time favourites include:

And some of my new favourites include: – suggested by the lovely Camilla

And some of my fav tumblr accounts…

So as you can probably tell, I am completely and utterly OBSESSED with blogs.

Another one of my favourites of November is made up of one word. YOUTUBE. Let me enlighten you:

Have you heard of Troye Sivan, Dailygrace, Zoella, Thatcher Joe, Casper Lee, Funforlouis, Jacksgap (and Finn, Finn the better twin), Marcus Butler, Tyler Oakley or Tanya Burr (all undeniably my favourite youtubers in the universe)?

If you have, then I will begin my rant. I spend every spare hour (that I’m not blog-scrolling, book-reading, Justin Biebering, One Directioning, Cody Simpsoning or boring work-doing, on youtube watching these gems muck about, cook, put on makeup, meet each other, ‘chill’, live, do vlogmas, and interview awesome people. Yep.

Clothes– Overalls. Nuff said? Thought so.

Magazine– Elle Australia, BEST. MAG. EVER. Why didn’t they start this earlier then two months ago? Gosh Australia, catch up.

Ok so, I could sit her and tell you my life story… but I think you’ve heard enough about me for one day. Had only a few views so far so hopefully someone is reading my random rants that I post for the whole world to see.

If you’re reading my blog, I’d love you to leave a comment and let me know what you think!  Up for some constructive criticism!

Mahleebali xx


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